Fall 2006

The Pratel Family

2006 has been so much fun.

Becca and Lucy are loaded with activities for the winter.  Both are taking gymnastics and Spanish.  Becca is also a Brownie and Julie and I volunteered to be the Cookie Sales managers.  Miss Julie (our Nanny) is still with us and keeping everything from being too crazy.

We had the chance to see many of our family and friends this year with vacations in North Carolina, Hilton Head, and Hocking Hills.


We also tried something new this year; separate adult and kids vacations.  The girls had a chance to spend a week in North Carolina with the Grandparents (and without Mom and Dad to limit their spoilage) and Julie and I spent a week in Wine Country (similar result).

Work continues to challenge us both, and that elusive “work-life” balance continues to be our goal (and likely 2007 New Years resolution)..

Everyone please keep in touch and we look forward to seeing “y’all” throughout the year.