Kids Camps Summer 2009

June 27th, 2009

The girls have been out of school for a few weeks but have NOT been sitting around.

Vacation Bible School

The girls attended VBS at Prince Of Peace Lutheran church this year (in between softball games)  They had a great time singing, playing the bells, and learning to scarf dance.

VBS bells   VBS 2

Dance Camp

Becca decided to also attend Dance Camp (Lucy didn’t want to).  She learned 3 routines in a few days and had fun with her friends:

Becca dance camp

Cheer Camp

Both girls were excited for cheer camp and for football this Fall.  Both girls learned 3 routines and really enjoyed working with the HS cheerleaders:

1 Cheer camp Becca 1  3 Cheer camp Lucy 1

2 Cheer camp Becca 2  4 Cheer camp Lucy 2 

After all the performances the girls had a chance to dance and play some games with the Varsity Cheerleaders:

Becca in the KME Talent Show

May 28th, 2009

Becca took her love of magic and her inherited smart mouth “tude” and put them to good use in her school’s talent show.  Of course I couldn’t be prouder.  She had practiced the trick many times; but had never turned it into a stand-up routine; this was all improvised on the spot.


Ronald McDonald House

May 24th, 2009

Troops 41010 and 46821 delivered their charity cookies to the Ronald McDonald House in Cincinnati today.

Brownies at Ronald McDonald House 5-24-09 2009-05-24 001  Brownies at Ronald McDonald House 5-24-09 2009-05-24 003 Brownies at Ronald McDonald House 5-24-09 2009-05-24 035

We also took the opportunity to prepare Brunch for about 150 guests staying at the House.

This was an a fantastic experience for the girls.  They got to tour the facility:

Brownies at Ronald McDonald House 5-24-09 2009-05-24 015  Brownies at Ronald McDonald House 5-24-09 2009-05-24 019   Bengals Bathroom    Brownies at Ronald McDonald House 5-24-09 2009-05-24 021   Brownies at Ronald McDonald House 5-24-09 2009-05-24 022

Help prepare the food:

mixing pancakes     Linda and GirlsBuffet   making eggs   meat man

And serve the guests:

Erica serve   Summer serve

Becca serve

Finally the girls got to eat breakfast and play outside on the playground while the parents cleaned up:

playground   cleanup

I think the girls learned how lucky and blessed they are; and how important it is to help others.  Thanks to all of you who donated your time and money getting the supplies; and especially to all who gave up a Holiday weekend morning to be there.

Lucy’s field trip to the Zoo

May 21st, 2009

Lucy and I got to spend the day together at the Cincinnati zoo for her end of 1st grade year field trip.

We were grouped with 2 of her best friends; Emma and Summer; and we hit the ground running (or at least the map):

We started on a quest to see the zoo babies; but made about 100 stops along the way:

We finally found the babies exhibit and there was only 1 baby! BIG LETDOWN!
We headed off to lunch next (Subway sandwiches of course-they should really sponsor my blog) and then to the highlight of the day-ICE CREAM!

We finished up with a long walk to the giraffes and elephants (which, like cheese, are overrated):

It seemed like we just got there but it was time to go! A quick walk across the zoo and we were back to the buses.
Thanks Lucy for wanting me to come and spend the day with you and your friends!

Becca’s 3rd Grade Report Project

May 17th, 2009

B’s class was assigned a project about endangered animals.  They were able to choose their animal and the format of their report; Becca chose the Tiger and a video report.  With Lucy as the director and Daddy on camera; Becca wrote and produced her segment and helped a little in “post”.  Here’s the final version:

Becca’s 3rd Grade Field Trip-Fossil Hunting

May 15th, 2009

Becca and her classmates headed to Ceasar’s Creek for a Dad’s field trip today.  Ceasar’s is a man made lake and creek and has a TON of fossils from an ancient inland ocean.

We started the day with a class about the park and fossils (always fun for 100 9 year olds):

IMG_0365   IMG_0366   IMG_0367

but quickly moved on to a nature hike and a hunt for crawfish, toads, and salamanders in the creek:

IMG_0368   IMG_0369   IMG_0370  IMG_0372

The hike was followed by lunch (apparently see food):

IMG_0373   IMG_0374

and then to the highlight of the trip; fossil hunting:

IMG_0375  IMG_0377   IMG_0378

I had a great time with B and her friends; its hard to believe 3rd grade is almost over!!!

Spring Break 2009

April 25th, 2009

The Griswalds; I mean Pratels loaded up for a tour of North Carolina for Spring Break this year.  When I say loaded up I mean that literally; Dennis, Julie, the girls, and our dog Oreo-Audi is going to have to make a Q9 so we can haul everything around (I think we even crammed cousin Sam in there for a part of the trip):

loaded up at Alans

Susan and Robert:  We started vacation at Julie’s sister Susan’s house.  They live north of Durham in Bahama in a beautiful horse farm neighborhood.  The weather was great; and the girls enjoyed being outside and playing together:

SANY0355 SANY0362

Aunt Julie got to go to Maddie’s soccer game:


We had an early Easter egg hunt both at the house and their church:

We celebrated Abby’s birthday at the Cheesecake factory; and the adults got to go out downtown to celebrate Dennis’.

SANY0364 SANY0363

We had a great time; and it went way too fast.  Load up for the next stop!:

Grandpa Alan’s:  We loaded up and headed for Winston Salem to see Grandpa and Grandmother.  Dennis had a quick (?) business trip to Dallas but Julie, Alan, and the girls made the most of their time together.  First stop was Uncle Darin’s store to have some fun shopping (mostly for candy) and to pick up cousin Sam:

the-proud-proprietor alan-at-darins-store


After Darin’s, everyone headed to Great Grandmother Evelyn’s house for a visit:


The next day the girls decided they wanted to celebrate Dennis’ birthday (or more likely they really wanted to bake and eat a cake).

4-2009 Spring Break 2009-04-08 001 4-2009 Spring Break 2009-04-08 005

Even though it was a little early for Dennis’ birthday; it was a day to celebrate: Dennis and Julie’s 15h Anniversary!  Grandpa and Grandmother babysat the 4 girls (Becca, Lucy, Sam and Oreo) while Den and Julie went out for dinner.  Everyone had a great time; and I think Grandpa Alan fell in love with his newest Granddaughter-he was asking for the info on our Schnoodle’s breeder (old softee!)

Granny Lana and Grandpa Carless’:  The final leg of the North Carolina tour brought us to Salisbury for a few days of fun and visiting.  Dennis’ real birthday was Friday; which we celebrated with a trip to The Hannah Montana Movie (huh-OK it rained out his tee time that morning; so Hannah was 2nd choice).  Of course another birthday meant another celebration:

4-2009 Spring Break 2009-04-10 001   4-2009 Spring Break 2009-04-10 008

That night Den and Julie went out with Aunt Jill and Uncle Kevin for a night in the ‘Berry; an oyster bar and a hip club-who would have guessed?  Saturday started with a card tournament at Bruce’s (someone was a sore loser-no names!) and we tackled dying Easter eggs in the afternoon:

4-2009 Spring Break 2009-04-10 012   4-2009 Spring Break 2009-04-10 019

Saturday night Lana hosted a family party to get everyone together and hit all the family birthdays in April:

4-2009 Spring Break 2009-04-11 002   4-2009 Spring Break 2009-04-11 016

4-2009 Spring Break 2009-04-11 020   4-2009 Spring Break 2009-04-11 007

4-2009 Spring Break 2009-04-11 023

Sunday morning brought a ton of sunshine to dry up the yard.  Although Dennis had to start loading up the Family Truckster for the trip home Carless opened his driving range before we left:

We hit the road around noon.  It was great to spend time with everyone; thanks for a GREAT Spring Break week!!!!!

Sunday at Castle Skateland

March 15th, 2009

Becca and Lucy have been dying to get me to the local roller rink to embarass me with their new Roller Blades. They invited Emma (Lucy’s friend) and Kiera (a new girl in Becca’s class).


Between the snack bar and the video games I think we’ve been on the floor for about 15 minutes; but they’re having a blast and there’s less chance of me falling and breaking a hip!


Becca’s Cheer Competition

March 14th, 2009

The KBA Lady Knights combined cheer squad competed in a tournament last weekend in Centerville.  Becca’s team combined with the 4th-6th grade girls and they’ve all been working hard over the past month to learn the routine.

There were over 20 teams competing during the day; with 6 in their division (6th grade).  They were the 7th squad overall to take the floor; so had some time to watch the older girls and get ready:

sany0042 sany0046

They took the floor and did an AWESOME JOB!!!!

The girls took 5th in their division; which is awesome given how young their squad is.  I’m so proud of Becca and all the girls-GO BIG RED!!!

Grandpa is a STAR!!

March 6th, 2009

My dad couldn’t stay retired too long.  He’s married his love of dogs with his business sense and has taken a role (along with my Mom) as General Managers of the Fetch Pet Care Franchise in Wilmington.  They’re responsible for hiring pet sitters; all of the scheduling for the area; and marketing.  The franchise owner secured an interview with a local station’s news crew to generate some PR for the business.  The story angle was retirees having to find extra income in these tough times.  Take a look:

Fetch Pet Care